What's our focus?

  • Early learners (PreK - second grade)
  • Using tech, especially tablets, to enhance learning
  • Developing curriculum-rich experiences with focus on literacy and creativity OR STEM/STEAM
  • Practical professional development

What will you DO?

Explore robots, apps, websites and other tech tools for learning and develop learning activities and plans for your learning environment and your young learners.

What does this mean?

This is NOT one of those sit and listen workshops. You will have a busy two days of exploring, creating, making, trying, discussing, and building learning activities. You will leave with things you have made for your students and a wealth of new ideas, tools, and strategies. This is a low-risk place to learn, experiment and grow for beginners and techies alike.

Leave with more than ideas

Leave with products you have created, and skills, tools, and ideas for creating more.